About Me


As an Art Teacher who encourages the use of varied media and styles, my own work tends to reflect this variety of experience. However, two opposite styles feature in my work at the moment. I have concentrated on a geometric hard-edged style of painting where shape and colour are paramount but recently I have been experimenting a lot more with mixed media where texture and relief dominate.

For those who favour a more traditional type of work, I have included a couple of prints the originals of which were done in watercolour. These are featured in Gallery 8.

Most of my work however reflects the local environment and is perhaps described as 'Abstracted' so you should be able to recognize where my subject originates. There is ample source material in such a varied coastline as ours in Jersey. Most work is executed on canvas with acrylic but a good selection of my work is available in Limited Edition Prints.


I have had several one man exhibitions in Jersey and my work can be found in a number of local Galleries. However, I have connections with The Harbour Gallery, St Aubin's where I have held three exhibitions and it tends to be the base where most of my work is for sale. I now have nearly 70 pictures in print and apart from exhibitions, most of my sales of originals come from private commissions.

Peter Knight